123 Crafts

Cut out pictures from old mother’s day cards or magazines. Make sure they’re pictures of thing you think your mom would like.

Glue the pictures onto heavy construction paper leaving room in between to draw your own pictures or add in little sayings for special poems for mom.

Write your name and the date at the bottom and mom will have a wonderful keepsake to remember this Mother’s Day.

Cover the placemat with clear contact paper.

Kids Giant Greeting Card

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1. Cut off the bottom of the bag, and then the front panel where the store name is.

2. Don’t cut the sides, they become the front of the card.

3. Fold the flaps in and paint the greeting on the front ( get well dad, we love you, happy anniversary, etc…)

4. Have the children paint what ever they want on the inside, shapes, words, or pictures.

5. Try using Q-tips, sponge shapes, paint brushes, or any thing else you can find.

6. When it’s done stand it up to dry, then turn it over and write “Made with love by …..”

Potpourri Teddy Bear

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1.Fold a piece of calico in half.

2.Draw the teddy bear shape with the marker pens onto the calico.

3.Using a very small stitch (keeping stitches close together) sew around the shape of the bear, using the line made by the marker pen as a guideline. (Get the kids to sew directly along the line)

DO NOT SEW UP ONE OF THE LEGS (as this is the opening that you will use to put the stuffing in)

4.Trim the edges of the calico, ensuring the stitches are not cut.

5.Turn the calico inside out and make the teddy bears features pop out.

6.Stuff the teddy bear through the leg opening, ensure all ears, arms and legs have enough so they do not flop about. (However, do not make him too fat in the stomach as the potpourri is going to fatten him up.)

7.Then, carefully sew up the leg neatly.

8.Cut out an oval shape approx. 2cm x 3cm from the lace or mesh.

9.Carefully, sew the lace or mesh onto the teddy bears stomach with neat stitches. Before sewing it up completely, stuff the lace stomach of the bear with potpourri. Then sew it up.

10.Finally, give your teddy bear some cute features by gluing or sewing felt ears, and nose. Glue on joggle eyes and draw with the marker pen his mouth and claws. Then to finish it all off, tie a ribbon around his neck!