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Cut the four legs off the pantyhose. Arrange the legs crossing over each other at the center like spokes of a wheel. Staple the legs together at the point where they all cross over each other. 2. Cut the toe end off the foot of the pantyhose so that all the legs are open at […]

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Cut out pictures from old mother’s day cards or magazines. Make sure they’re pictures of thing you think your mom would like. Glue the pictures onto heavy construction paper leaving room in between to draw your own pictures or add in little sayings for special poems for mom. Write your name and the date at […]

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Easter Chicks

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Put some of the paint in a Ziploc Bag, put in the 2 cotton balls and shake until they are yellow. Feet, eyes, and beaks can be cut from orange & black construction paper and glued on. Then you can glue the chick into half of the egg shell.

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