123 Crafts

Potpourri Pie

Posted by: Jimmy In: Home Decor

Mix flour, salt, water into a bowl. Mix until workable. Knead dough well. Roll out into about 1/4 inch thick. Cut 6 1/2 wide strips. Put dough to side. Flip pie plate upside down and put 3 strips going each way to form a weaved lattice shape. This will give it a dome shape. Cut another strip long enough to go around pie plate and cover edges of existing strips. Make sure the 6 strips are embedded into long strip. Take egg white and rub over dough to form a glossy look. Put on cooking sheet and bake at 325 degrees for about 20 min. or until golden brown. Take out let cool then take dough off of the pie plate. Fill with potpourri and set dough on top. You may need to glue it to the pie plate. You can add dry fruit or cinnamon sticks to the top. Voila!! Your own potpourri pie. The more you practice the better you get….

Cut the four legs off the pantyhose. Arrange the legs crossing over each other at the center like spokes of a wheel. Staple the legs together at the point where they all cross over each other.

2. Cut the toe end off the foot of the pantyhose so that all the legs are open at the ends.

3. Stuff all sections of pantyhose with fiberfill. Leave about 6 inches at the end of each stocking unstuffed.

4. Pull the eight sections up and around to the center to form a pumpkin. Hold the sections together with a rubber band.

5. Braid the excess stocking ends together to make a stem for the pumpkin. Hold the braided stem in place with another rubber band.

6. Paint the pumpkin orange and the stem green. Let the project dry on the Styrofoam tray. You can turn this pumpkin into a jack-o’-lantern by gluing on a face cut from black felt.

Mother’s Day Coupons

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Cut cardboard hearts out of heavy construction paper.

Write messages on the hearts to tell mom what she can collect when she hands the coupons in. Some examples might be:

This coupon good for 1 big hug
This coupon good for 1 kiss
This coupon good for
This coupon good for doing the dishes
This coupon good for cleaning my room
This coupon good for walking the dog
This coupon good for taking out the garbage
Use your imagination and think of what mom would just love to get a special coupon for.